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XIOPM Provides Key Technical Equipment for Major Project CAP 1400

Recently, the "CAP1400 Steam Generator Development" project of China’s large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor project jointly implemented by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI), Dongfang Electric (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd., China First Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (CFHI), Erzhong Group (Deyang) Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. (EHEC), Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Limited, and the national nuclear operation units successfully passed the formal acceptance inspection organized by the National Energy Administration. The project focused on the research and development of CAP1400 steam generator manufacturing technology, mastered the key technologies of manufacturing, broke through the technical bottlenecks, improved the overall level of nuclear power equipment manufacturing in China, and provided strong support for the development of CAP1400 steam generator with independent intellectual property rights. It means that China has possessed independent manufacturing capability of the CAP1400 steam generator. The results of the research have been successfully applied to the manufacturing of CAP1400 steam generators and other large-scale equipment, enabling China's nuclear power manufacturing enterprises to master advanced equipment manufacturing technology, forming the localization capability of the third-generation nuclear power main equipment, and promoting integrated development of domestic nuclear power industry.

"CAP1400 steam generator development" project acceptance site (picture from Shanghai Electric)

The scientific research team led by director Li Hua of XIOPM Project Department has established the cooperation relation with Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd. for nearly 10 years. They founded a Joint Laboratory for Nuclear Power Equipment Detection in 2016, and have developed a series of products supporting the 2nd and 3rd generation nuclear power equipment manufacturing and assembly technology. The multi-row dense-hole CCD push-pull measurement system developed by researchers Li Hua, Jiang Xin, Zhu Hui and Yan Chuanyangzi has become one of the four innovations of the major project “CAP1400 Steam Generator Development” and the development lasts for 2 years. It is the first application in the field of nuclear island main equipment group hole processing measurement. The equipment adopts synchronous acquisition method based on sequence image feature recognition and contour parameter measurement method based on edge constraint. It solves the online measurement problem for special shape parameters of the support plate three-leaf plum hole for the first time in China. The precision for hole shape measurement reaches 0.02mm, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy of the steam generator group hole shape parameter. The measurement efficiency is more than 6 times higher than the traditional method. At present, 1 invention patent for the equipment has been obtained and two papers relating to the equipment has been published. This key equipment provides strong technical support for the backbone enterprises of China’s nuclear power equipment manufacturing such as Shanghai Electric and Dongfang Electric. It has been successfully applied to the production of China's "Hualong No. 1" nuclear power unit with the world's highest safety requirements and the latest technical standards. At present, Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant of the “Hualong No. 1” demonstration project has been fully installed.

Multi-row dense-hole CCD push-pull measurement system

XIOPM Joint Laboratory for Nuclear Power Equipment Detection will continue to provide kinetic energy for the innovation of China's nuclear power industry, provide a solid foundation for the autonomy and localization of the 3rd generation nuclear power technology, and contribute to the development of domestic nuclear power industry.


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