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Opening of the 2nd National Ocean Optics Summit Forum

To boost the rapid development of China’s ocean optics related technologies, and to accelerate the construction of China with strong ocean power, the 2nd National Ocean Optics Summit Forum jointly organized by XIOPM CAS and Shaanxi Ocean Optics Key Laboratory (under incorporation) opened in Xi’an on the morning of Jun. 22. The Forum was supervised by CAS and NSFC, and sponsored by CSOE and Shaanxi Department of Science and Technology.

Due to the lack of effective observation, detection and other technologies, the knowledge we human know about ocean is only 5% or so. The possessing of optical technology makes it possible for us to obtain image, temperature, vibration, pressure and magnetic field and other parameters by measuring phase, intensity and polarization, etc., and the technology may be widely used in marine science, marine safety, marine economy, marine ecological civilization and other fields.

The forum was chaired by Academician Hou Xun, Academician Xu Demin, Academician Wu Lixin, Academician Pan Delu, Academician Yao Jianquan, Academician Hao Yue, Academician Wang Wei, Academician Yin Hao and Academician Lu Jianhua. Researcher Li Xuelong served as Executive Chairman of the forum. More than 400 representatives from more than 70 units of the Oceanic and Optical Institutes attended the forum, including the CAS system, SOA, aerospace, aviation, electronics,  and universities, etc. The main domestic ocean-related units have representatives to participate in the forum.

At the opening ceremony, Academician Hou Xun, the chairman of the forum, said that this forum is an exhibition of research results in the field of ocean optics and provides an exchange platform for domestic experts, and it also shows the specific response of scientific and technological workers to the construction of a marine powerful nation proposed in the 19th National Congress. It is hoped that under the leadership of the Expert Committee, the colleagues engaged in ocean optics research can enhance industry cohesion and technological innovation, and provide strong scientific and technological support for construction of a marine powerful nation and safeguard China's maritime rights and security.

Zhao Yan, the director general of Shaanxi Department of Science and Technology, said that Shaanxi is rich in science and education resources and strong in the foundation of ocean optics research, especially XIOPM CAS has made certain achievements in this field. Shaanxi is currently in the critical stage of catching up and surpassing development. It will take advantage of the strengths from different parties so as to promote the scientific and technological exchanges between Shaanxi and the countries along the Belt and Road and develop to a higher level and deeper fields. This forum is based on ocean optical technology, and aims to build an academic exchange platform and share the cutting-edge scientific and technological information. We sincerely welcome all experts to exchange ideas and jointly promote the development of ocean hard technology and jointly depict a new blueprint for building a strong ocean country.

Fang Guanghua, deputy mayor of Xi'an, said in his speech that the forum is an important measure to implement policies for the new era and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Construction of a Powerful Ocean Country”. The conference is rich in content and plays an important role in promoting the construction of a strong ocean country. In the process of rapid development of Xi’an science and technology, research institutes are important engines for the innovation development of Xi’an, and also source of power for scientific and technological innovation. We call on the research institutes including CAS to provide more intellectual support and technological leadership for the development of Xi'an.

The forum will be presided over by Academician Lu Jianhua and Professor Yang Yixin at the keynote report stage. The experts including Academician Yao Jianquan, Academician Yin Hao, Researcher Li Xuelong, Researcher Chen Weibiao, Researcher Zhang Jie and Professor Li Zhongping will make the report on the theme of ocean optics and underwater optics, share the latest research results, cutting-edge developments and research hotspots in the field. The participating experts will also hold a two-day exchange meeting (6 meetings in total) on topics such as underwater optical information detection, ocean optical remote sensing, underwater optical communication and optical underwater sound detection and a Young Scientists Lecture themed "Ocean in My Eyes". The conference will play a positive role in promoting the research of ocean optical fundamental theory, key technical exploration and practical equipment development and industrialization.

Li Xuelong, deputy director general of XIOPM, believes that it is meaningful to study ocean optics in the inland city of Xi'an. He quoted the Chinese proverb “A handy tool makes a handy man”, and said that the demand for independent research and pre-research of “devices” in the ocean field is urgent; that the scientific research units in Shaanxi Xi’an are innovative and have accumulated rich engineering experiences, and they have equipment for research which lays a good foundation for making greater achievements in the ocean field. He expressed his wish that Xi’an can take the ocean field as its important development direction and hence make contributions to the nation and national economy. We hope that, Xi’an, being the geographical starting point of the Land Silk Road, will one day become the technical starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

Before the meeting, the first Ocean Optical Experts Committee was formally established. The committee is composed of experts and scholars engaged in ocean optical properties research, optical detection and ocean development. It aims to stimulate the development of science and technology in the field of ocean optics and promote the in-depth development of military and civilian integration. Honorary Directors of the Experts Committee, Academician Hou Xun, Academician Yao Jianquan, Academician Hao Yue, Academician Yin Hao and Academician Lu Jianhua, together with Director of the Experts Committee Li Xuelong and Deputy Directors Chen Weibiao, Li Zhongping, Lv Jiancheng, Liu Jianguo, Mao Zhihua, Sun Dajun, Tang Junwu and Yang Yixin jointly unveiled the nameplate of “Ocean Optical Experts Committee”.








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