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XIOPM Associate Research Fellow Zhu Rui Won the Title of CCTV Innovative Figure in Science & Technology Grand Ceremony 2017

On Jan. 21, “Science & Technology Grand Ceremony-CCTV Award Ceremony for Innovative Science & Technology Figures 2017” was firstly aired on CCTV1. Zhu Rui, the director general and associate research fellow of OCT and Biomedical Imaging Center, XIOPM CAS was rated as the Innovative Science & Technology Figure 2017. 

As the typical example of the team for industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of XIOPM, Zhu Rui, together with his team, has successfully developed infrared angiography instruments in the past few years. The instruments were sold at home and abroad with its total sales has reached 40 million yuan. General Secretary Xi Jinping exclusively experienced the product during his visit to XIOPM on Feb. 15, 2015. 

What’s more, under the leadership of Zhu Rui, Vivolight Medical Technology Entrepreneurial Team researched and developed the first domestic interventional OCT system for clinical use, which broken the import monopoly of such product, realized localization of this kind of high-end imaging product and reduced medical costs and expenses. The said product currently has been used in clinical stage of medical instrument registration and is expected to be granted product registration certificate at the beginning of 2019, and hopefully it will be the first domestic interventional OCT imaging system with product registration certificate by then.

As the number of patients with complex lesions are increasing, especially cardiovascular incidence staying at a high level, treatment technologies like OCT are urgently needed for solving people’s health problems, and endovascular imaging has been playing an increasingly important role. Under the circumstances, Vivolight Medical, with its years of technical accumulation, combining the technical forces of Harvard Medical School and XIOPM, explored in the field of imaging diagnosis and treatment, developed the world's smallest endoscopy technology, and made the diameter of endoscopic catheter 0.86mm, and imaging resolution 10 times higher than current ultrasound technology, and received great attention from the industry.

It is reported that Science & Technology Grand Ceremony was jointly sponsored by CCTV and CAS. With the planning idea of “scientific events, scientists’ meeting”, the ceremony aims at taking stock of the annual scientific and technological achievements, displaying the great progress and achievements of science and technology in China, celebrating for outstanding scientific and technological workers and team models and carrying forward scientific achievements and the innovative spirit of scientific and technological workers. It was to commend the internationally influential and outstanding scientific and technological innovation talents and teams and create an "Oscar" for China's science and technology industry.


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