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CCTV "Network News Broadcast": Hard and Core Technology Changes the World, and the Fire of Innovation Lights up the Ancient City

News of CCTV("Network News Broadcast"):"2017 Global Hard and Core Technology Innovation Conference" was held in Xi'an today. Centering on eight major fields including AI and aerospace, the Conference will hold 16 series forums and innovation activities, and a batch of hard and core technologies embodying innovation strength will also be highlighted centrally.

  At present, the People’s Government of Xi'an has mapped out relevant measures and established a 100-billion-yuan fund for the development of scientific and technological industries, to fuel industries of hard and core technology in an all-round manner. From establishment of the first incubation platform CAS Stars focusing on hard and core technology in China in 2013 to the first town of hard and core technology of China, "Hard and Core Technology" triggers new vigor of Xi'an with a long history.



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