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XIOPM Expert Brent Everett Little Wins the Chinese Government Friendship Award 2017

The awarding ceremony for the Chinese Government Friendship Award 2017 was held in the Great Hall of the People solemnly on Sept. 29. At the ceremony, Ma Kai, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and Vice Premier of the State Council, presented the award to relevant foreign experts and made a speech, and Zhang Jianguo, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs read out the Award Decision.  
    The Chinese Government Friendship Award is the top honorary one in recognition of the foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China’s modernization drive. In 2017, 50 foreign experts from 21 countries won the award, including Canadian Expert Brent Everett Little from CAS XIOPM.  
    Brent Everett Little is matchless in photoelectron integration. He worked in American MIT and University of Maryland, Canadian Bell Northern Research (Northern Telecom Limited
and other research institutions. He was chosen as an expert in Xi'an "5211" talent introduce program in 2014 and national "Thousand Talent Program" in 2015, and won the "Shaanxi Friendship Award" by the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province in 2015 and the "Xi'an Friendship Award" by the People’s Government of Xi’an Municipality in 2016. He is the chief scientist of CAS XIOPM at present.  
    In Sept. 2013,  Little  and Cheng Dong as well as other international talents started their researches in XIOPM, and established Xi'an QXP Technologies Inc for industrialization of photon integration project. The Inc specializes in R&D of PIC (photoelectron integration circuit)chip, components, modules and subsystems, and works on highly integrated PIC solution and driving implementation of the strategy of "Broadband China". The purpose of the Inc is to master core "Chip" technology for future photon information technology to solve the problem of "core dependence" in China’s photoelectron information industry; to independently research and develop disruptive technology in photoelectron integration to realize "Corner Overtaking" of traditional integrated circuit and drive China’s transformation from "Follower" to "Forerunner" in photoelectron integration circuit.  
    In terms of building photon integration platform, QXP Technologies Inc’s Silicon photonics chip manufacturing process platform Phase I has taken initial size and begun to make products, which have been delivered to relevant customers and won customers’ high satisfaction with the chip’s performance, reliability, power consumption and power consumption as well as micro volume. The Platform will be further optimized in following production, so as to respond to demand of highly increasing orders in the future.  
    In the field of light quantum communication, the Inc’s team has researched and developed integrated optical chip with independent IPRs and broken the difficulty of on-chip multi-layer quantum entanglement source that restrains practical application of multi-layer quantum system. Relevant achievement has been published in Nature in June 2017.


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