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The First International Conference on High Spectrum Imaging Technology Application and Development is Held in Xi'an Successfully

On Sept. 15-16, 2017 with autumn breezes refreshing us, the "First International Conference on High Spectrum Imaging Technology Application and Development" sponsored by XIOPM,CAS, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shaanxi Province and Shaanxi Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and undertaken by CAS Key Laboratory of Spectrum Imaging Technology and Center for Optical Image Analysis and Learning, was successfully held in ZTE Hotel Xi’an. More than 300 experts and scholars from ten plus countries and regions including the USA, Canada, France and China attended the Conference. Academician Hou Xun from XIOPM was the honorary chairman of the Conference, Academician Gong Jianya from Wuhan University was the chairman of the Conference, Zhao Wei, Research Fellow and Director General and Li Xuelong, Research Fellow and Deputy Director General of XIOPM were co-chairmen of the Conference.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Research Fellow Lu Xiaoqiang from the Center for Optical Image Analysis and Learning under XIOPM National Key Laboratory for Transient Optics and Photon Technology. Academician Gong Jianya from Wuhan University made the opening speech, emphasized the importance of developing high spectrum technology, and proposed four principles and three expectations for developing high spectrum technology. Zhao Wei, Research Fellow and Director General of XIOPM and Lan Zhuangli, a leader from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, addressed the Conference and expressed warm welcome to the experts and scholars present at the Conference.

This session of conference was designed to enhance domestic and foreign academic exchange in high spectrum image acquisition and data processing, analysis and application, demonstrate domestic and foreign latest progresses and achievements in remotely sensed image processing and analysis, and explore new thought and direction of high spectrum data information extraction. Led by authoritative experts’ report, the Conference dealt with key technology and data processing and application in high spectrum similarity, highlighted wide demands for application of high spectrum data and load data application prospects in fields of marine, life science, agriculture, environment, geology and mapping. The Conference was planned with six topics: remote sensing application of airborne and satellite-borne high spectrum (marine life, agriculture, environment, geology and mapping, high spectrum remotely sensed image, application of deep learning technology in high spectrum remote sensing, high spectrum remotely sensed big data processing and analysis, advanced spectrum imaging technology and application, and application of astronomical high spectrum technology. Many experts and scholars delivered 17 wonderful reports at the Conference in the two days, including Professor Jiao Licheng from Xidian University, Professor Hu Mingyi from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Li Shutao from Hunan University, Professor Tong Xiaohua from Tongji University, Professor Du Peijun from Nanjing University, Research Fellow  Ma Yi from the First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, Professor Wang Lizhe from China University of Geosciences, Professor Gu Yanfeng from Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Han Junwei from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Zhong Yanfei from Wuhan University, Professor Cao Xun from Nanjing University, Professor Zhang Xiangrong from Xidian University, Professor Li Jun from Sun Yat-sen University, Research Fellow Wang Dingyi from  University of New Brunswick, Canada,Research Fellow Wang Quanfu from Yale University, USA and  Doctor Zheng Xiangtao from XIOPM, etc.

    Successful holding of the International Conference enhances exchange among domestic and foreign research scholars and cooperation among research institutions and drives the development of spectrum imaging technology and data analysis and application. Meanwhile, the Conference also promotes academic and project exchanges, helps learn from advanced foreign technologies, enhances contact and cooperation between XIOPM and other famous domestic and foreign universities and research institutions in high spectrum field, lifts XIOPM’s academic reputation and international position in the field, and plays a great role in driving the development of XIOPM in high spectrum imaging technology and spectrum image processing and analysis technology.







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