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A Cover Article of an International Famous Authoritative Academic Journal Reports XIOPM’s Plasma Research Achievement

On July 5, 2017, the latest international famous authoritative Journal of Applied Physics (JAP) in applied physics published the paper of "A diffuse plasma jet generated from the preexisting discharge filament at atmospheric pressure" on plasma research by the National Key Laboratory for Transient Optics and Photon Technology. The paper won high marks by JAP’s Editing Committee and appraisal experts for the innovation and importance, and was selected as the cover article and highlight article for current issue of the month(J. Appl. Phys. 122, 013301 (2017), Featured article). Doctor Tang Jie is the correspondence authority of the paper.

As a new-type, economic and convenient plasma generation technology, atmospheric low-temperature plasma jet has unique technical advantages and good application prospects in fields of material processing and modification, film lamination, nm particle manufacturing, instrument surface washing-disinfection, organism tissue structure and function restoration, and microorganism mutagenesis breeding. R&D of evenly disperse, large-area low-temperature plasma jet has been a key point and difficulty in researches in the discipline. The paper breaks the thought of reducing ionization rate or improving pre-ionization level to acquire evenly disperse plasma in traditional discharge through gas, establishes the idea of sameness or similarity in substance propagation and transport in different disciplinary fields(optics and plasma, firstly introduces the concept of "Lens  Expansion" into low-temperature plasma field, proposes the "Electric Field Lens Model", establishes the basic theory of atmospheric evenly disperse discharge, demonstrates the theory of relying on ingenious, reasonable electrode structure design to successfully realize the transformation from filament to dispersion of discharge through gas in atmospheric environment, and, on the basis of Possion model, elaborates disperse plasma formation mechanism in discharge through gas. The achievement provides another important guiding ideology for generating atmospheric evenly disperse plasma and plays major promotion role in popularizing application of low-temperature plasma technology.

Doctor Tang Jie graduated from XIOPM majoring in optics in 2011 and has served our institute since graduation mainly in researches on laser plasma, laser Raman and discharge-through-gas plasma physics and application. With his persistence in and enthusiasm for research, Doctor Tang has realized innovations in principle and technology one after another in basic plasma research, published several papers in top applied physics journal Appl. Phys. Lett.(APL) and won good remarks of the peer reviewers and domestic and foreign co-workers. Recently, another research achievement made by Doctor Tang-headed plasma research group was published as cover article, top form of journal highlight, in JAP, a sister journal of APL, fully reflecting research level of the team in plasma field and indicating that XIOPM has made a new progress in basic plasma research.

    Both APL and JAP are old-branded classical flagship journals under American Institute of Physics (AIP), and always publish significant, original achievements in applied physics. For example, the primary and most works of the topic of "Blue LED" wining the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2014 were published in APL and JAP.


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