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XIOPM Makes Important Progress in Quantum Optics Integrated Chip

Under the support of CAS Class B special project of strategic pilot technology "Large-scale Photon Integrated Chip", Research Fellow Brent Little with the Information Photon Component and Photon Integration Center of XIOPM, through cooperation with several foreign research institutions, making use of XIOPM-developed photon chip and based on the unique scheme of multiple high-purity frequency mode coherence stack in micro cavity, solved the international difficulty of preparation and control of on-chip high-dimension entangled bi-photon, demonstrated the case utilizing Level-10 entangled bi-photon to realize over 100-D on-chip quantum system, and realized flexible control of quantum state through frequency operation and control. Relevant achievement was published in Nature, an international famous journal, in June 2017.

The light quantum system based on entangled photon is the core foundation for solving many problems in modern quantum physics and quantum information science. With research on quantum information deepening, and besides multi-photon entanglement, high-dimension quantum state, with its advantage of information carrying capacity far higher than (qubit, has attracted wide attentions of researchers in the field and become a key approach for deep research of quantum mechanism, improving quantum communication protocol robustness and rate and realizing higher-efficient quantum computing. (by the Department of Technology and Management


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