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The Unveiling Ceremony for XIOPM as a National Demonstration Center for Business Startups and Innovation is Held

On July 21, XIOPM’s workshop for business startup and innovation and the unveiling ceremony for XIOPM as a national demonstration center for business startups and innovation in Batch 2 were held in Xi'an.

XIOPM is a comprehensive research-base institute mainly in strategic hi-tech innovation and basic applied research. Over the past years, XIOPM has actively explored the reform of scientific research system and mechanism and proposed and practiced the idea of "Removing Enclosure, Open Institute". Meanwhile, it has taken active measures to constantly break restraints of traditional research system and mechanism, formed the four-in-one development mode of "talents plus technology plus capital plus service", and established the innovative economic system with close connection of its technologies with market. By far, it has incubated more than 180 enterprises of hard and core technology. The "XIOPM Mode" has been included in the Report of the Work of the Government of Shaanxi Province for three consecutive years.

Hao Wei, Assistant Director General of XIOPM, chaired the unveiling ceremony, Zhao Wei, Director General of XIOPM delivered the welcome speech and Zhou Dejin, Director of the Science Propagation Bureau, CAS, made a speech.

Later, Cao Huitao, Chairman of Xike Holding reported information on construction of XIOPM’s demonstration center for business startups and innovation. It is understood that by far XIOPM has built multiple professional "Business Startup and Innovation" platforms of Shaanxi pilot center for professional co-working space of photoelectron integration, CAS Stars Wanke Cloud Make Community and Beijing CAS Stars. Transforming from "Attracting Talents by Building Bases" to "Retaining Talents by Enhancing Bases", XIOPM has introduced 15 talents from national "Thousand Talent Program", 37 talents from "Hundred Talent Program", and nearly 60 overseas innovation and business startup teams, preliminarily forming the good momentum of "Talents Gathers in the Northwest Institute" of XIOPM. In terms of "Business Startup and Innovation" value-added service, XIOPM’s industrialization team CAS Stars can provide startups teams with Angle Fund, startups training and other one-stop business startups services in finance, legal affairs and human resources. The idea of "Hard and Core Technology" creatively proposed by CAS Stars has become a new name card for regional development.

Cao Huitao introduced, besides continuously perfecting existing "Business Startup and Innovation" platforms and carriers, XIOPM’s accelerator building with the gross floor area of 107,000m2 will be commenced. After completion, the building will provide makers with full-chain service, and XIOPM will gather 8 units and institutes including CAS Xi'an Branch and Shaanxi Academy of Sciences to build the Silk Road International Special Zone for Technological Innovation in Xi'an, so as to form industrial clusters with strong international competitiveness. In the development of civil-military integration, XIOPM is now in cooperation with the Space Base to jointly build Shaanxi Research Institute for Civil-Military Integrated Innovation. Cao Huitao said: "in the future, XIOPM will continuously enhance its talent level, scientific research strength and industry-university-research integration, with a view to becoming an international leading scientific research unit. We work on building innovation engines to fuel local economy and industrial development."

    The unveiling of the demonstration center for business startups and innovation is another affirmation of XIOPM’s reform efforts by relevant ministries and commissions, further compacts the Institute’s foundation for innovation and reform, and adds stronger energy and wholly-new power for driving the reform of national scientific research system and mechanism and boosting Shaanxi’s goals of "Following and Leading" and "Major Province of Science and Technology". In the future, XIOPM will follow the benchmarking of domestic leading demonstration centers for business startups and innovation to constantly deepen reform and exploration, build better platform for business startups and develop itself into a center for business of hard and core technology in the world.






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