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CCTV "Network News Broadcast" Reports that XIOPM is Listed in Batch 2 National Demonstration Centers for Business Startups and Innovation

According to the news from the "Network News Broadcast" on June 21: the General Office of the State Council recently issued the Opinions on the Implementation of Building Batch 2 Demonstration Centers for Business Startups and Innovation, which specify Batch-2 92 demonstration centers for business startups and innovation, including 45 regional demonstration centers such as Shunyi District, Beijing, 26 demonstration centers of colleges and universities and research institutes such as Peking University and XIOPM, CAS and 21 demonstration centers of enterprises such as AVIC.

  XIOPM is a comprehensive research-base institute mainly in strategic hi-tech innovation and basic applied research. Over the past years, in response to pressing demands for innovations in science and technology of national economic structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, facing main fields of national economy, XIOPM actively explored the reform of scientific research system and mechanism, proposed and practiced the idea of "Removing Enclosure, Open Institute" and searched the way to solve the problem of "Separation between Technology and Economy". Meanwhile XIOPM also made active efforts to innovate in personnel mode, undertake responsibilities and act actively. It took measures to speed up knowledge diffusion and technology transfer, constantly break restraints of traditional research system and mechanism, and explore integration of institute and society, combination of research and market, cooperation of research and finance and connection of system with international practice. Through these efforts, it has formed the four-in-one development mode of "talents plus technology plus capital plus service", established the innovative economic system with close connection of its technologies with market. The "XIOPM Mode" has been included in the Report of the Work of the Government of Shaanxi Province for three consecutive years.

     By far, XIOPM has introduced 15 talents from national "Thousand Talent Program", 37 talents from the "Hundred Talent Program", and nearly 60 overseas innovation and business startup teams, preliminarily forming the good momentum of "Talents Gathers in the Northwest Institute" of XIOPM. In recent years, XIOPM has incubated more than 180 enterprises of hard and core technology, created more than 5,000 jobs, and reported four enterprises listed in the "New OTC(Over the Counter) Market", forming the virtuous research value chain in which researches create value and fuel research and society and building strong atmosphere of innovation and business startups. (By the Section of Industry)


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