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XIOPM Concludes Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department

On the morning of Feb. 8, Zhao Wei, Director of XIOPM and Zeng Lan, Executive Vice Director of Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department, on behalf of each party respectively, officially concluded the strategic cooperation agreement. Li Xuelong, Vice Director of XIOPM and Cao Huitao, General Manager of XKI Holdings joined the signing ceremony. The strategic cooperation will lift expressway operation information level and security management level in Shaanxi in an all-round manner.

Zeng Lan expressed that the agreement is a good start. In the future, Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department will further enhance exchange and cooperation with XIOPM and rely on XIOPM’s advantages in scientific and technological innovation and talents, to identify the conjunction point with public security work and boost advancement and surpassing of Shaanxi’s public security work by lifting sci-tech level.

Zhao Wei stated that XIOPM will actively participate in construction of public security information system, and rely on its innovative achievements in traffic spectrum technology, traffic road sensing technology and Big Data analysis technology, etc. to make contributions to sci-tech and information-based traffic safety management.

Under the strategic cooperation framework between both parties, Xi’an ZKInter in which XIOPM has shares concluded specific cooperation agreement for the "Highway Variable Speed-limit Sync Control System" with Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department. The project is expected to witness continuous development.

It is known that the "Highway Variable Speed-limit Sync Control System" is developed mainly through the exploration and innovation for difficulties in management of vehicles driving on expressways during adverse weather. It carries out testing of visibility, illuminance or ponding and ice-snow coverage rate under rain, snow, haze and ice coverage environment, etc. with infrared technology, can realize functions of sync revision of expressway speed limit, reminding and snapping photography of parameter according to real-time testing data, to make expressway able to effectively guarantee traffic safety while keeping road capacity under adverse weather, so as to alleviate work stress of traffic administrations in public security system.

The project was listed in the application innovation program of the Ministry of Public Security in 2013, tried in some sections of highway in Chencang District, Baoji City in 2014, and installed and operated in Shandong Section of Shenyang-Haikou Expressway (G15) in March 2015, presenting clear effect.


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