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"CAS Star" Wins the Honor of Scientific and Technological Innovation Team 2016 of CCTV "Sci-tech Gala"

At 19:55, Jan. 25, 2017, the "Sci-tech Gala —— Award Ceremony of CCTV 2016 Scientific and Technological Innovation Characters", jointly initiated by CCTV and CAS and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, etc., was firstly presented on CCTV-10 for science and technology, solemnly demonstrating the most influential Top 10 "Scientific and Technological Innovation Characters" and Top 3 "Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams" in 2016.

XIOPM "CAS Star" scientific & technological industrialization team, the team for the first flight task of Long March 5 new-generation rocket launcher, Tiangong No.2 Space Experiment Apparatus team and Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft research team were elected 2016 "Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams". XIOPM Director Zhao Wei, Party Secretary Ma Caiwen, and CAS Star founding partner Cao Huitao, Mi Lei and Li Hao attended the "Sci-tech Gala" as team representatives. Bai Chunli, President and Secretary of Leading Party Group of CAS presented the award to "CAS Star" and addressed the gala.

10 scientists were elected 2016"Scientific and Technological Innovation Characters", including Nan Rendong, chief engineer and chief scientist for FAST Project of National Astronomical Observatory of China, Xue Qikun, professor with the Department of Physics of Tsinghua University and CAS academician, and Zhao Zhongxian, research fellow with the Institute of Physics and director of the Key Laboratory of Superconductivity, CAS, etc. 


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