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The 2nd Session of the 4th Academic Committee of the Laboratory for Transient Optics and Photon Technology is Held Successfully

On Jan. 13, 2017, the 2nd Session of the 4th Academic Committee of the National Key Laboratory for Transient Optics and Photon Technology was held in XIOPM. The meeting was chaired by Professor Xu Jingjun, member of the Academic Committee and Vice President of Nankai University. 

The Academic Committee members firstly heard the Report on the Work of the National Key Laboratory for Transient Optics and Photon Technology in 2016 by Yao Baoli, research fellow and vice director of the Laboratory, and the academic reports by six key members of relevant disciplines on key fields of study and the progress of the Laboratory. Later, the Academic Committee members seriously discussed the Laboratory’s discipline construction planning and development goal, arrangement of study fields, study tasks, progress of key studies, output of achievements, talent team building, open cooperation and academic exchange as well as management and operation, and made pertinent opinions and suggestions. 

The Academic Committee thought that: with good development in many years, the Laboratory has formed its special advantages, and enhanced construction of disciplinary fields of new-type optical imaging theory and method, core technology for micro- and nano-photonic material and components, key technology for ultra-high-speed photonic information network, ultra-fast photon theory, technology and application and frontier exploration of new-generation photon theory and technology, on the basis of its positioning and strategic goal and under national major demands for development and world sci-tech frontier, laying a good foundation for continuous development of the Laboratory and forming the “High” and “Fast” characteristics in domestic and international academic circles. In 2016, the Laboratory won one award of the 2nd Prize of National Natural Science Award, made remarkable progress in the national research task undertaken, reported smooth progress of all studies, and showed clear progress in publishing of high-quality academic papers and application for invention patents both at home and abroad, and presented a good developments overall. The Laboratory attaches importance to close combination of disciplinary development and talent team building and has achieved remarkable success in building high-level research teams on the basis of national Ten Thousand Talent Program and Thousand Talent Program and CAS’s Hundred Talent Program, to make its talent team structure optimized continuously and scientific and technological innovation ability enhanced. 

Finally, the Academic Committee expressed the hope that the Laboratory can further give play to its advantages in traditional disciplines, promote disciplinary crossing and integration, optimize disciplinary layout, further enhance summarization and extraction of key fields, and highlight special advantages, to fully embody irreplaceable role of the Laboratory; continuously enhance building high-level talent team, strengthen international cooperation and exchange and science popularization to the outside world, make sufficient preparations for 2017 appraisal of key laboratory and strive for excellent performance, to make the Laboratory develop to a new high.



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