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XIOPM Boosts Development of China’s 3G Nuclear Power Technology

    A few days ago, CCTV-1 and CCTV-13 specially covered leap-forward development of China’s 3G nuclear power equipment production technology with the reports Testing of Global First AP1000 Nuclear Power Generation Unit Close to the End and Secrets of China's Nuclear Power. When answering relevant interview, Tang Weibao, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group, said: "Currently, our equipment’s capacity has been at the top level in the world, compared with foreign ones of its kind. In terms of the most critical technologies such as deep hole processing and supporting plate installation in steam generator, it should be stated that we have mastered 3G nuclear power manufacturing technology completely". Development of the 3G nuclear power equipment manufacturing and installation technologies as mentioned in the reports also carried years of efforts and contributions of the scientific research team headed by Research Fellow Li Hua with the Department of System Engineering of XIOPM.


    Since 2009, the Research Team, relying on the sub-topic research program2010ZX06001-012under the National Science and Technology Major Project and through close cooperation with Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd., has completed 8 research topics of manufacturing of key 3G nuclear power equipment, including steam generator supporting plate installation and measuring system, steam generator inner sleeve installation and measuring system, steam generator supporting plate section groove measuring system, and tube plate deep hole processing pushbroom measuring system, etc. of which the steam generator supporting plate installation and measuring system adopts optical fiber semi-conductor laser alignment telescope and PSD photoelectric receiving technology, making the supporting plate installation precision lifted to 0.07mm from former 0.3mm and the installation cycle shortened to 5 days from three weeks; the supporting plate section groove measuring system adopts microscopic photography pushbroom imaging technology, realizing quantitative quick measurement of complicated aperture and hole shape for the first time, with the precision up to 0.02mm, able to realize fully automatic pushbroom measurement of the spot-check groove only within half an hour. The above-mentioned scientific research achievements have been successfully applied to China’s first AP1000 (Sanmen, Zhejiang) nuclear power generation unit and CPR1000 (Ningde, Fujian; Changjiang, Hainan; Fangjiashan, Zhejiang, etc.) nuclear power generation unit. By far, the Research Team has won 2 invention patents and 1 utility model patent, published 5 papers and gained 2 software copyrights in nuclear power equipment manufacturing technology, making powerful technical supports for key nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises of China such as Shanghai Electric and Dongfang Electric.

    In April 2016, XIOPM Party Secretary Ma Caiwen, on behalf of XIOPM, concluded a deep cooperation agreement with Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group, to jointly construct the "Joint Laboratory for Nuclear Power Equipment Testing" .

    Driving development and transformation of sci-tech achievement with innovation and letting science and technology serve the new normal in China’s economy and advance upgrade of industrial structure of China is the management philosophy that XIOPM has always followed, and the wish of every scientific and technological worker. The Joint Laboratory will continuously explore and study China’s 3G and next-generation nuclear power equipment manufacturing and assembly technology, so as to better serve industrial structure upgrade in China.


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