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The Washington Post Reports XIOPM’s Innovation in Science and Technology

    According to the news on Dec. 14, The Washington Post and CHINA DAILY (Overseas Edition) covered XIOPM’s industrialization mode and CAS Star’s sci-tech enterprise incubation work with the report titled Incubator Propels Start-ups into Deep Technology Industries. The article was published in Page H6 of CHINA DAILY (Overseas Edition) on Oct. 26, 2016 and issued around the world synchronously with The Washington Post.

    The Washington Post, located in capital of the U.S., is the oldest brand in newspapers of the U.S. At the beginning of 1970s, it established its prestige by unveiling Watergate Scandal, which forced then President Richard Milhous Nixon to resign. It is particularly good at reporting domestic political developments of the U.S. and thought as one of the top-notch newspapers in global press circle.

    It is the first time that an overseas medium paid attention to the innovation in science and technology and scientific research achievements transformation in China and interpreted and communicated “hard science and technology” idea with an international vision. Publishing of the article plays very important role in driving overseas communication of XIOPM Mode and CAS Star Brand and inspiring confidence of sci-tech innovators and makers.


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