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XIOPM Attends the “15th China Jinhua Negotiation Meeting for Industrial Sci-tech Cooperation”

The 15th China Jinhua Negotiation Meeting for Industrial Sci-tech Cooperation (“Industrial Sci-tech Cooperation Meeting” below) was successfully held in Jinhua, Zhejiang on Nov. 27-29, 2016, with the participants of more than 200 experts from provincial and municipal governments and famous universities, institutes and enterprises, including 12 key researchers of XIOPM, to carry out match-making with more than 500 enterprises.

The Industrial Sci-tech Cooperation Meeting, started in 1999, is one of its kind with the longest history and the most sessions in Zhejiang Province. The purpose of this session is to deeply implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, deepen administration, industry, research and financial cooperation, lift independent innovation ability and speed up transformation of sci-tech results. The Meeting invited Zhou Qifeng, CAS academician, member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and former president of Peking University to host the opening ceremony, and was held simultaneously at four places for “Matchmaking Meeting for Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Technology Achievements”, “Matchmaking Meeting for New Material Technology Achievements”, “Matchmaking Meeting for Bio-pharmacy Technology” and “Matchmaking Meeting for CAS XIOPM Technology Achievements”.

The Matchmaking Meeting for XIOPM Technology Achievements was chaired by Zhu Weifeng, vice director of Jinhua Sci-tech Park. At the meeting, XIOPM’s representative firstly introduced basic information on the Institute. Later, some key researchers such as Wu Guojun, Zhu shaolan, Yu Youhai, Li Dongjian, Qiao Lei and Zhang Zhoufeng etc. made special reports respectively, namely “Marine Optical Technology”, “Laser Radar Technology and the Application”, “Liquid Separation Membrane Based on Graphene /Ceramic Composite Material”, “Sensor Module R&D and Industrialization”, “Micro Processing with Ultrafast Laser”, and “Application of Spectral Imaging in Medicine and Water Quality Monitoring”. After the Meeting, 53 enterprises carried out wide and deep exchanges with XIOPM and initially proposed their demands and intent on cooperation.

This session of meeting builds a bridge for communication between the Institute and enterprises, makes researcher better understand demands for technologies and institute work closer to demands in people’s livelihood, and lays solid foundation for XIOPM to advance collaborative innovation in the future.

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