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2 Foreign Experts from XIOPM Win “Xi’an Friendship Award” and “Xi’an Excellent Foreign Experts Award”

On the morning of Nov. 29, Xi’an People’s Government solemnly held the conference for 2016 “Xi’an Friendship Award” and “Xi’an Excellent Foreign Experts Award”, with 5 foreign experts as winners of “Xi'an Friendship Award” and 10 foreign experts as winners of “Xi’an Excellent Foreign Experts Award”. It is the first time that Xi'an City has granted such honors to foreign experts, and Shangguan Jiqing, Mayor of Xi’an, presented the awards to relevant experts. Two foreign experts from XIOPM, namely Brent Little and Roy Davidson, won “Xi’an Friendship Award” and “Xi’an Excellent Foreign Experts Award” respectively. 

Doctor Brent Little is a technical expert matchless in American photonic integration, owns more than 50 international patents and boasts more than 20 years of experiences in innovation and pioneering of photonic integration. He worked as research fellow in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and as professor in University of Maryland, etc. In 2014 Doctor Little was introduced to XIOPM and worked as the CTO of Xi’an QXP Technologies Inc., an enterprise incubated by CAS Star, to be mainly responsible for R&D and design of photonic integrated chips. The Company’s high-speed optical communication-use core chips and key components are designed to solve problems of core “chip” technology in optical components of China, realize corner overtaking of China’s photonic integrated product and break the pattern that China’s traditional optical communication core chips seriously rely on imports. 

Mr. Roy Davidson worked for several famous American optical communication companies such as Little optics and Infinera, etc. and boasts more than 20 years of experiences in R&D and process development as main fields. Mr. Davidson was introduced to XIOPM in 2014 and worked as the chief process expert of Xi’an QXT Technologies Inc., to be responsible for building an industry-leading platform for optoelectronic integrated chip process development in China, which will bring a substantial breakthrough to assembly process, a key link in domestic optical communication industry, help find solution to low-end disorderly competition in domestic optical communication industrial chain, promote transformation and upgrade of the industry, and train local assembly process talents. 

In his speech on behalf of the distinguished guests as award winners, Mr. Davidson mentioned that optical communication industry is a field in rapid growth and will serve many fields such as telecommunications, transduction, high-speed computer and national defense, etc. Davidson expressed that he had been in China for more than 3 years, but the period just means a start. He will work in China for a long term, with a view to helping China become leading in the industry of photonic technology.

In recent years, XIOPM has made active efforts to build good research and innovation platforms and sound startup eco-environment for domestic and foreign high-end innovative and pioneering talents, and introduced more than 50 overseas high-end innovative and pioneering teams to start up business in China, with more than 10 high-end talents having won honors and qualifications such as the National Thousand-Foreign Export Program, the National Thousand-Talent Program, Shaanxi Friendship Award, Shaanxi Excellent Foreign Experts Award, Shaanxi Hundred-Talent Program, and Xi’an Friendship Award, etc. XIOPM will further build platforms for innovation and startups, perfect relevant elements, follow the philosophy of “enclosure free, open institute” to continuously attract more domestic and foreign talents to Shaanxi for innovation and development, and rely on powerful intelligence supports and leading “hard science and technology” techniques to jointly boost implementation of the national strategy of innovation-driven development.

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