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XIOPM Jointly Launches Founding of Shaanxi Civil-Military Innovation Research Institute

    On the morning of Nov. 28, 2016, the conference on aerospace civil-military integration development and the launching ceremony for Shaanxi Civil-Military Innovation Research Institute was held in Xi’an Aerospace Base.

    At the conference, Shaanxi Civil-Military Innovation Research Institute was officially established jointly by Xi’an Development and Reform Commission, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base Management Committee. The three parties concluded the agreement for joint construction, marking official commencement of construction of the Research Institute. Ma Caiwen, party secretary and vice director of XIOPM attended the conference and concluded the agreement.

    Shaanxi Civil-Military Innovation Research Institute is the core unit in the multi-party "civil-military research institute + enterprise + industrial park + think bank + civil-military integration fund" platform system. The Research Institute focuses on civil-military integration industries and technologies, targets cultivating a batch of civil-military-integrated hi-tech enterprises able to participate in international competition and building it into a domestically leading civil-military-integrated industry and technology innovation platform combining national civil-military integration think tank, civil-military cutting-edge technology layout and research, startup investment, incubation and system integration. The Research Institute has firstly established six R&D centers, namely Commercial Aerospace Components R&D and Operation Center, Satellite Navigation and Positioning Service Center, UAV Core System R&D Center, Military Hardware Information Center, UUV Probing and Communication Center, and Environmental Test and Detection Center, reserved more than 10 projects of sophisticated industries and technologies. According to relevant plan, the Research Institute will make layout for more than 50 advanced and cutting-edge civil-military integration projects in 3-5 years, realize investment in incubation of more than 100 civil-military enterprises, cultivate over 10 civil-military hi-tech enterprises with the size over 100million yuan respectively, and form a set of mode and experience replicable.

    Shaanxi Civil-Military Innovation Research Institute will make full use of Shaanxi’s advantages in sci-tech resources, innovative system and mechanism and civil-military resources integration mode, to cultivate civil-military-integrated hi-tech enterprises, and powerfully support Shaanxi and Xi’an’ efforts in building national demonstration height for civil-military integration and all-round innovation reform.

    The Conference also held the signing ceremony for civil-military integration project and the expert forum, invited many experts to make speeches on the theme of aerospace civil-military integration, including Zhang Guitian, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Liu Jinyu with the Research Center for National Defense Economy of the National Defense University and Wu Zhijian, secretary general of the Strategic Committee for Development of National Sci-tech Industry, to share and exchange their views on the new trend in international civil-military integration development, and jointly explore the path for aerospace civil-military integration innovative development.

    During the Conference, XIOPM, on behalf of Shaanxi Civil-Military Innovation Research Institute, also concluded the strategic cooperation agreement with the Civil-Military Integration Research Center, Academy of Military Science of PLA.

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