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XIOPM Student Branch Wins the Award Nomination for OSA 2016“Best Student Branch”

On Oct.17-22, 2016, OSA 2016 Student Leadership Conference and the Frontier of International Optics (FIO) were held in City of Rochester, State of New York, US, and OSA XIOPM Student Branch won the Award Nomination for “Best Student Branch” (Academic), which is also the first award of its kind granted to a student branch in Asia since the award was established in 2004. Pan An, graduate student under 2016 Master-Doctor Combined Program of XIOPM and Chairman of OSA XIOPM Student Branch participated in the Conference at the invitation.

Meeting the 100th anniversary of the establishment of OSA, this Conference seemed extraordinarily solemn. Besides the traditional Student Leadership Conference (with participants of the heads of more than 200 branches in the world) and FIO conference, a lot of activities celebrating the 100th anniversary were also arranged, such as OSA journal editor-in-chief banquet, APS journal editor-in-chief banquet and free talks of the century of optics by the existing 7 OSA members and Nobel Prize winners. The Conference selected six “Best Student Branches” in total through appraisal, of which Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Laval University, Canada won the “Best Student Branch” for academic field and for popular science respectively, and other four institutions including XIOPM won the Award Nomination for “Best Student Branch”. During the conference, Student Pan An introduced situations of organization construction and academic exchange of OSA XIOPM Student Branch and was invited to answer the interview by Centennial Authentic Moments, fully demonstrating the active and dynamic spirituality of graduate students of XIOPM, winning warm praise of other colleagues and being highly appreciated by OSA Student Branch’s person-in-charge Taylor John, Educator Supervisor Jen Tedeschi and Administrative Supervisor Annette Davis, etc.

OSA XIOPM Student Branch, established in Oct. 2015, now boasts 70 official members and has become one of the largest branches of its kind in China. It successfully held the National Doctor Academic Forum for Photoelectronic Technique on April 27-29, 2016, and invited many famous experts and scholars both at home and abroad to XIOPM for exchange and visit, including Professor Chen Yu’ao from University of Science and Technology of China, Professor Chang Zenghu from University of Central Florida, USA, Professor Howard Carmichael from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, Professor Bigio from Boston University, USA and Professor Zeev Zalevsky from Israel. The Branch has played very important role in expanding academic vision of graduate students and activating academic exchange atmosphere.

In order to guarantee effective academic exchange activity of graduate students, XIOPM also established SPIE XIOPM Student Branch and IEEE XIOPM Student Branch on the basis of OSA Student Branch, according to discipline characteristics of the Institute and by relying on the Academic Department of the Graduate Union. These Branches have conducted their relevant activities in succession. (By the Graduate School)

Website of OSA XIOPM Student Branch:

Summary of awards won by OSA XIOPM Student Branch over the years:


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