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2011.08.10 Academic Report:Ultra-fast streak camera development and its application at the Advanced Light Source

  Speaker:Professor Jun Feng (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley )
  Time: 9:30 am, August 10 , 2011 

  Place: Transient Optics Department Meeting Room

   Introduction to the lecture: 

  An x-ray streak camera has the unique feature that it allows the simultaneous recording of ultrafast temporal information as well as spectral information using a two dimensional charge-coupled device detector. The use of streak cameras is complementary to third-generation synchrotrons, as a means to obtain sub-ps temporal resolution. At the ALS, we have developed x-ray streak camera with both transmission geometry and grazing incidence geometry for ultrafast magnetic dynamics study and warm dense matter dynamics study. Our streak cameras can have high temporal resolution (233fs for 266nm light, transmission geometry) and high quantum efficiency (can measure signal shot using 100um cathode slit, reflection geometry). Also the streak camera has a feature of compact and can be installed to any x-ray beamline in principle.

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