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General introduction to international cooperation

   XIOPM centering on photonics frontier technology, photoelectric function materials, space optics and photon information technology and enhancing substantial international and domestic cooperation and academic exchange, has established close cooperative partnership relations with high-level research institutions from France, Russia, Germany , US and Italy as well as some domestic ones, formed all-round multi-level new research cooperation pattern. Nobel Prize winners Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, Tsung-Dao Lee, Doctor Samuel Chao Chung Ting and      (普罗霍洛夫,.. have paid their visits to our Institute and given lectures.

   Since 2000, total 400-plus foreign experts have visited the Institute, and given 60 various academic reports. The Institute has also practiced mutual visiting scholar program with cooperative institutions, reporting total 30 scholars going abroad or coming to the Institute for visit and cooperative research, and more than 120 its researchers have visited US, Germany, Korea, Japan, France and Thailand, etc and domestically-held international academic conferences, giving 17 specially-invited reports.

In 2006 the Institute established “China-Italy Joint Laboratory of Ultrafast Photon Network and Communications” through cooperation with Italy National University Telecommunication Union and Sant’Anna Senior Research School, which has been officially included in the Sino-Italy scientific and technological cooperation project framework. The joint laboratory has been launched officially, and has been granted CAS key international cooperation project “Research of Key Technology for Next Generation Commercial 100Gb/s Ether Network”. In October that same year, the Institute successfully hosted “2006 China/Italy Bilateral Academic Forum on Photon Communication and Sensing” in Xi’an, with participants about 100, including Italy National University Telecommunication Union chairman, Sant’Anna Senior Research School vice president Professor Giancarlo Prati-led 22 foreign experts and scholars, and more than 80 domestic experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Posts & Communications, Xidian University, Shenzhen Huawei Communication Technologies Co., Ltd and XIOPM.

   China enjoys high academic position in high-speed photography and photonics. Following the “18th International Conference of High-speed Photography and Photonics” hosted by our Institute in Xi’an in Sept. 1988, our Institute successfully chaired the“27th International Conference of High-speed Photography and Photonics” in Xi’an in 2006, with near 300 participants from 16 countries and regions. In 2008 our institute delegation visited Macao to attend the“28th International Conference on High-speed Imaging and Photonics”, at which China’s representative Hou Xun Academician recommended Mr. Zhao Wei, newly-elected director of High-speed Photography and Photonics Speciality Committee of Chinese Optical Society to replace him for the position of national representative of China in the organization, gaining recognition and welcome of national representatives from all countries concerned in the conference.

   In recent years, our Institute actively carried out cooperative researches in space optics of space field with France and Russian, of which ChinaRussia Joint Mars Exploration Program is a cooperation project between China National Space Administration and Russian Federal Space Agency. The “YH-1”Satellite will carry eight instruments totally, including our Institute-researched-and-developed optical imaging device, etc. The “YH-1”Satellite will encircle Mars orbit to probe Mars space environment. The optical imaging device is mounted on the Mars probe, mainly for gaining pictures of high resolution target separation and Mars surface. The device is the first one of China for Mars near-distanceorbit height 800~80000kmimaging photoelectric system, and of major historic significance in developing China’s space astronomical probing.



In 2008 US expert visited our laboratory

In 2008 German experts visited our laboratory

In 2008 President of UK Huddersfield University visited our research department


 In 2007, President of Macau Tianhua Group visited our research department 


 In 2007, vice president of US application materials Company visited our institute and gave guidance

    In 2007,  French space expert delegation visited our research department

In 2006, Atkinson, the scientific and technological consultant to US State Secretary and spokesman of the Department of the State led the scientific and technological delegation of the Department of the State to visit our laboratory

In 2006 Russian Academician Konov Vitaly J. led Russian basic research fund delegation to visit our laboratory

In 2006 UK Rutherford Laboratory diagnosis research department director, professor David Neely visited our laboratory

In 2006, director of the Department of Science and Innovation of Russian Ministry of Education led delegation to visited our laboratory  

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