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Master Admission Brochure 2012 at XIOPM

XIOPM is the main research base in China's optical technologies and systems. In recent years, XIOPM had assumed China's major projects, such as "Manned Space", "Lunar Exploration", etc. and other major research tasks, such as national 863 plans, 973 plans, the National Natural Science Foundation, etc. XIOPM creates good conditions for learning and research environment for graduate students in pioneering their innovative vision, conducting innovative research and training their solution of practical problems in science and engineering technologies. Students who is involved in continuous academic program of postgraduate and doctoral study and doctoral students will be preferred to send abroad for joint training.

Postgraduates can receive basic grants, grade scholarships, three assistant awards and various types of titled scholarship of CAS. Postgraduate students can receive scholarships of ¥900-2200 Yuan per month.

The content of master re-examination mainly includes the fundamental and professional knowledge.  The re-examination is competitive and will admit the best examinees. 

XIOPM is expected to enroll 67 academic postgraduate students and 15 full-time professional degree students, including recommended 20 to 35 students without examination. Welcome the outstanding college graduates from 985 colleges, Graduate Schools and 211 colleges to apply for it actively.

Registration time: 2011.9.25 –  2011.10.31

Registration Website:

Examination time: 2013.1-2013.1.8



Unit code: 80142

Address: No. 17 Xinxi Road, New Industrial Park, Xi'an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Postcode: 710119

Contact Department: Graduate Department

Telephone: 029-88852851/88497564

Contact person: Wang Zhe


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