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Information on Admisstion of Postgraduate of XIOPM

   XIOPM, having made outstanding contributions to research and development of high-speed photoelectric detection system and radiation-resistant optical materials for China’s “artificial satellite” project, is one of China’s major research bases of photoelectric technology and system and one of largest hi-tech institutes for training doctors and post-doctorates in Northwest China.




XIOPM is one of the units with authorization of doctor and postdoctoral work station of China. In recent years, the Institute undertook multiple national major researches in optical engineering research field. The Institute has also researched and developed China’s first full-optical fiber femotosecond laser system, which realized femotosecond laser three-dimensional storage and parallel read-out for the first time. By adopting pico-second farming imaging, the Institute realized joint measurement of X-ray radiation time, space and energy spectrum for the first time in China. In the field of photoelectric engineering , the Institute has developed remarkable technical characteristics and discipline advantages in capturing tracking and measuring of “small, dark, multiple and quick” targets, with research level leading in China.

XIOPM is also an unit affiliated to High-speed Photography and Photonics Speciality Committee and the Fiber and Integrated Optics Speciality Committee under Chinese Optical Society, and to Shaanxi Optical Society and Silicate Society, and the secretary-general unit of the Postgraduate Training Society.

XIOPM has chaired and hosted national academic conference of high-speed photography for many times, actively participated in international conference of high-speed photography and photonics and hosted the 18th and the 27th international conference of high-speed photography and photonics in 1988 and in 2006 respectively. Multiple Nobel Prize winners and famous scholars from US, UK, Japan, Russia and France, etc have paid visit to and given lectures in the Institute.

XIOPM now boasts a mobile physics post-doctoral station, four disciplines with right to grant Ph. D, including optics, optical engineering, physical electronics and signal and signal processing, and six disciplines with right to grant Masters, including optics, physical electronics, optical engineering, control theory and control engineering, communication and information system, signal and information processing, etc. At present there are more than 300 postgraduates pursuing their program in the Institute.

XIOPM has “Common Scholarship for Postgraduates”, “CAS Scholarship for Postgraduates”, “CAS Director Scholarship”, “ XIOPM Zutong Scholarship”and multiple specially-named scholarship, and practices “Research Assistant”, “Management Assistant” and “Teaching Assistant” system. During the study, all postgraduates can enjoy basic scholarship 600~1200yuanperson• month, and can make application for “Western Students” Scholarship 300~1000yuanperson• month on the basis of scores and achievements, and can get funds support by making application for holding the position of research, teaching or management assistant 200~1000yuanperson• month.

XIOPM is equipped with rich books, information and electronic resources as well as modern office and research conditions. All postgraduates can take advantage of XIOPM library and CAS documentary information center to look up books and data, or specially-targeted professional documentation in the libraries of the branches or the research departments. XIOPM boasts good teaching facilities and is making efforts to greatly develop modern teaching modes of multi-media teaching and distance network education.

The under-construction research and education center and apartment for postgraduates



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