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Admission Brochure for Post-doctor of XIOPM

Post-doctoral research center for physics (major of optics) of XIOPM,  established in Nov. 1985 in the first batch as approved by the Commission of Science and Technology , has registered 29 researchers working in the center and 19 researchers having withdrawn from the center after successfully completing their duties. Currently there are 10 researchers in the center.
At present, the Institute offers good research environment and conditions for post-doctors in the center in research fields of transient optics, information optics, optical communication and optical network, laser and infrared technology, space optics and remote sensing, photoelectric detection and instrument, photoelectric information fusion and image processing, etc.
All doctors with doctor’s degree (no more than four years after gaining the degree)and academic background, of good character and scholarship, healthy, with age no more than 40 and major similar to the above-mentioned research fields and able to guarantee major energy and time for scientific research are eligible to make application for entering the center;at the same time, we also hope to establish good relations with enterprise post-doctor centers so as to make contributions to enterprises’ technical progress and regional economic growth and to carry on research on actual problem.
The Institute shall provide post-doctors in the center with two-room one-hall accommodation, and the post-doctors shall be qualified for enjoying salaries and allowances. The salary level will be determined on the basis of that for mid-level researchers, and allowances shall consist of basic position allowance and research allowance, with basic position allowance to be:1,000yuan/month for the first year, 1,200yuan/month for the second year (Stage 2); research allowance shall be granted by the research department or subject project group to which the post-doctor belongs according to specific situations, generally 800~2,000yuan/month.
Excellent domestic and foreign doctor graduates are warmly welcome to register with our Institute’s post-doctoral mobile scientific research center for work. 

1. Admission program:
To take in 3-5 mobile post-doctors per year.
2. Type of admission:
(1)Domestic doctor: national program and the Institute-raised expenses.
(2)Returned doctor: no quota limitation for returned researchers who have been granted doctor’s degree overseas to be post-doctor in our Institute, with daily expense to be offered by the state. Individual overseas-returned doctor can also take advantages of foreign research conditions to complete post-doctor research by relying on national major scientific research project.
(3)Joint admission of enterprises: National Post-doctor Regulatory Commission formulated “Interim Regulations on Regulation of Enterprise Post-Doctor” in Oct. 1997 in order to promote combination of industry, academy and research and to train and build high-level scientific and technological talents suitable for need of national economic development, according to which all enterprises with enterprise post-doctoral research center are qualified to take in enterprise post-doctor jointly with out Institute.
3. Materials to be submitted and time to register with the center
Doctors making contacts for registering with the center shall be recommended to research departments by the Postgraduate Department in accordance with applicant’s situations, or can be determined by relevant research department itself according to demand of the disciplines. Those who make application to register with the center must deliver the materials needed (as Article 3.1-3.4) to the Postgraduate Department before Dec. 20 of a year for examination and approval by the Institute’s academic committee and approval by Shaanxi Post-doctor Regulatory Commission before going through formalities for registering with the center.
F. Rules of XIOPM for Discussion and Election of Excellent Post-doctors
G. Form of XIOPM for Application for Post-doctor Fund
H. Interim Measures of XIOPM for Scientific Research Discussion and Election for Post-doctor’s Withdrawal from the Center 
I. Rules of XIOPM for Implementation of Management of Post-doctor
J. Interim Measures of XIOPM for Management of Expenses for Post-doctor

Admissions Office, Postgraduate Department, XIOPM
Tel. :029-88498702

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